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  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Auto Inspections
  • Auto Repair Servicing
  • Brake Repair
  • Check Engine Light
  • Emissions
  • Engine Repair
  • Oil Change
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Transmission Repair
  • Tune Up Service
  • Suspension Servicing
  • Wheel Alignment
Scott Haroldsen Owner and Opperator

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<>mechanic man inc. menu pricing this price list is intended to provide quick estimates for most vehicles this will apply to most common cars and light trucks (1/2 ton-small chassis)
these are maintenance repairs, meaning replacement of any parts damaged beyond service or bent twisted/wrecked may be necessary at an additional cost: each vehicle will be inspected before work is begun, and when needed an updated price will be provided to customer taxes and shop supplies are not included in menu prices and are priced according to services performed
all invoiced parts installed and labor to install said parts will have confidence plus north american warranty 2yr 24,000 mile warranty. for assistance or questions about warranty 1-877-230-0369
Suspension Repairs:
Alignment- 4wheel computerized$69.99 cars and light trucksprovided with before and after measurements
Ball joint replacementfrom $69.99 cars and light truckswith alignment
Axle half-shaft installedfrom $189.99
Driveline u-jointsfrom $159.99
Brake servicefrom $159.99includes pads & machining rotors or drums
Cooling system flush$90.00
Brake system flush$90.00
Power steering flush$90.99
Oil change$39.99
Transmission service$90.99change filter, clean pan, replace gasket
(please note some vehicles require special fluids and can vary dramatically in cost)
Differential service with cover removal$79.99 plus fluid(please note some vehicles require special or synthetic fluids and can vary dramatically in cost)
Transfer case service$39.99 plus fluiddrain and refill -- (please note some vehicles require special or synthetic fluids and can vary dramatically in cost)
Tune Up (using only factory designated plugs) check filters, ignition wires, cap and rotor, pcv and hose, check timing if necessary, fluid levels and condition, underhood components
4 cylinderfrom $100.00
6 cylinderfrom $150.00
8 cylinderfrom $189.00
Water Pumps
Water pumpfrom $189.99
Water pump and timing beltfrom $239.99